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Why Outsource Your IT Support?


Why you need this service

IT infrastructure is indisputably the most important non-human resource for companies of all sizes. Challenges arise as equipment ages, companies grow, technical staff comes and goes, and new disruptive technologies are introduced.

As technology solutions have grown more powerful, they have also increased in complexity to the point where it is no longer feasible for small and mid-sized businesses to rely on one person to help them utilize, manage, and protect their software and hardware. Build your own networking or DIY computer repairs are no longer the least cost alternatives and leave companies open to significant security breaches.

Outsourcing your IT support means you have the combined expertise and real-world experience of a team of experts who are trained on diverse environments and the latest technology and information security. And outsourcing your IT will save you money.

Hosted PBX Delivers Clear & Flexible Communications

A phone system delivered as a hosted service provides unparalleled flexibility and ease of management. Need to move an employee to a new office? No problem. Unplug the phone and move it to the new desk, plug it in, and they are back in business. Need to forward calls to an employee’s cell phone? It’s a click of a mouse. And the latest generation of Hosted PBX solutions are reliable and startlingly clear.

Aeko can help you select and deploy the Hosted PBX system that is right for your needs. And we maintain the system for you so you only have one place to call for all your communication and technology needs.

Why is Cyber Security not enough?

Services Offered for the Front Office

  • 24X7 Helpdesk Services for PCs and Mobile Devices
  • 24X7 NOC Monitoring for PCs
  • Endpoint Management
  • Advanced Security for Endpoints
  • End user Security Training and Testing
  • Hardware Procurement
  • Office 365 Conversion
  • Hosted Phone Systems

Services Offered for the Back Office

  • 24X7 Helpdesk Services for Servers
  • 24X7 NOC Monitoring for Servers
  • Advanced Security Monitoring for Servers
  • Cloud Enablement and Management
  • Server Patch Management
  • Email Server Management
  • Database Server Management
  • Backup Solutions
  • Hardware Purchase or Lease
  • Data/Voice Circuits
  • Network Implementation and Management
  • Structured Cabling

Need to support both the Front & Back Office? We have you covered.

Still couldn’t find the perfect solution?

Discover our Solutions

Managed It Services

Comprehensive IT services to manage your entire technology and information security infrastructure.


Going beyond the technical aspects of security, our solution takes cyber security to a higher information security level.

Disaster Recovery

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”  The old adage applies to Disaster Prevention and Recovery more than ever.  Our systems guard against disaster while preparing to weather the worst storm.

Technology Infrastructure

24x7x365 Help Desk Services for Servers and NOC Monitoring combined with complete cloud, software, and hardware management.


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